This crepe bandage is used for curing muscular sprains and provides support tofractures. These bandages are manufactured in our hygienic manufacturing unitusing best quality raw materials. Features:

Provided withclips



Main Areas OfUse:

GeneralSurgical, Orthopedic and sports injuries

Extremelyconvenient as a pressure dressing and for skin grafts

Can be usedfor sprains, aches dislocation, painful joints, veins, cramps, skin injuries totendons and muscles

Very usefulas a light compression bandage for muscular support

There arewide ranges of bandages available in the market to meet each person’s specificneeds. One type of bandage is crepe bandage. Crepe bandages are known for theirelasticity, control, uniform smooth pressure and normal skin breathing. A crepebandage is a lightweight bandage that is normally used to offer heat,insulation and support in a many medical situations. It is made up of superiorquality fabric. Crepe bandages do not obstruct muscular or joint flexibility.These products are widely used by many people due to their excellent features.Households are one of the major consumers for crepe bandages as it could beused without the aid of any medical professional. However, it also has manymedical usages too. Cotton Crepe Bandages which are useful in sprains and otherminor muscle injuries. These crepe bandages form a very important part of everyfirst aid kit.

What are thesizes and length of crepe bandages?

Crepebandages are available in a wide variety of sizes and length. Sizes range from15cm, 10cm, 8cm and 6cm. These are available in different sizes and weightwhich can be modified as per specification provided by customers.

What is crepebandage made of? Crepe bandages are usually made with superior quality cotton,in a combination of cotton and wool, or cotton combined with rayon. It is madeof a simple weave in which two folded crepe twisted cotton threads form thewarp, and a mix of cotton and wool threads or cotton and rayon threads form theweft. The warp threads are set in a repeat pattern of two threads in an ‘S’twist and two threads in a ‘Z’ twist. These crepe bandages are stitched from allsides so that there is no loose thread and the product could be reused withoutany change in its elasticity.

How to usecrepe bandages?

Crepebandages are rolled up with one or two elasticized claw grips (depending on thewidth) for securing, without the need for sticky tape and pins.

Simply placeone side of the claws on the bandage and pull to stretch and press the otherside in - the elastic will recoil slightly and the claws will grip securely.

Great to havein the first-aid kit and can be used for a many uses such as holding on icepacks, using as a compressive bandage on any limb, holding a dressing pad inplace over a wound, and many more.

While wearingcrepe bandages, it is vital to ensure that it is not applied very tight as thebandage may accidentally stop blood circulation, and even create riskyconditions.

The bandagelayers must permit for easy movement of limbs and should be able to expand incase of swelling and inflammation.

What are theprimary areas in which crepe bandages are used?

GeneralSurgical, Orthopedic and sports injuries.

Extremelyconvenient as a pressure dressing and for skin grafts.

Can be usedfor sprains, aches dislocation, painful joints, veins, cramps, skin injuries totendons and muscles. Very useful as a light compression bandage for muscularsupport. As a light support for minor sprains, strains and compression.

What are theother uses of crepe bandages?

Crepebandages can be used:

for allchronic-leg conditions

varicoseveins and their after-care

as a pressuredressing for burns,

for skingrafts and Whenever elastic support is needed for treatment of strain, sprainsand similar conditions.



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