About Us

About Plasmic HealthSciences

Plasmic HealthSciences markets innovative surgical equipments, bandages and medical devices with the aim to improve patient outcomes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the leading suppliers of healthcare related equipment to the UK and European public and private health sectors.

Our Values

Our values define our organisational culture- practicing these values are at the heart of our business. These values are fundamental to what we do and are an important element of working at Plasmic HealthSciences;


We are true to what we do


We provide the best of each product


We are ethical in how we work

Our History

Plasmic HealthSciences was established on the core values of honesty, quality and integrity. The founding members have a strong 30 years’ experience of working in the UK and Southeast Asian healthcare industry, our strong experience and core values ensure that all the products which are part of Plasmic HealthSciences are of the highest quality and standards which provide the best patient outcomes for the healthcare industry.

Currently, our mission is to improve patient outcomes by providing quality health care equipments to NHS England, private health care providers and global aid organisations within UK and Europe